Why hire Sabrina Brown and Woodstock Productions?

I am truly grateful to work with each of my clients. It is a gift to be invited into creating and realizing the vision for a wedding or one of life’s other celebrations.

You are about to launch into one of the most amazing processes – getting married! It’s exciting and sometimes overwhelming. I’m a professional who has learned the best practices through the years, and I love what I do. I have honest and authentic relationships with amazing vendors, and know how to quickly build a working relationship with new vendors.

I start by listening. It’s your wedding, your family, the start of your new life as a married couple. I’ll develop a plan that works with your busy life. Then you can let me handle the rest! In the end, I pull your team of vendors together, relax your family members, help everyone take deep breaths and then launch into a weekend wedding watching out for you, ensuring that you are having fun and that the plans we’ve made are brought to fruition.

-Sabrina Brown, Woodstock Productions