When Nell and Grant told me they would be getting married in the St. James Episcopal Church in Woodstock and that the reception would be help on Nell’s grandmother’s farm in Woodstock, I was ecstatic. Marrying in the family church with the reception on a historic family site is one of the most beautiful ways you can honor family and share your values. I was thrilled to help them plan what was sure to be a thoughtful and engaging event.

  • Photographer Andy Duback of Duback Photography.

Nell and Grant are an active couple, so it made perfect sense to plan a bike ride on the morning of the wedding that would lead to a maple syrup tasting and then an outdoor picnic lunch… because that’s just how they Roll. Each rider received a much needed water bottle they could take home to remember the day.

When planning the reception, a discussion about fireworks came up, and we were faced with a dilemma. Nell loves fireworks. And she and Grant had recently had an experience with fireworks (an encounter with a historic home on Nantucket) that make the idea of including them at the reception an appealing addition to their wedding celebration.

I’ll also add that Nell and Grant are a fiery, hard-playing, exciting couple, so fireworks made sense to me! BUT… Nell’s grandmother has a working farm in Woodstock. Cows are part of the landscape, and they do not like fireworks. At the end of the day, Nell realized a compromise was in order and said, “I guess we’re cow people more than fireworks people… plus Grant can give that to me for an upcoming birthday!” And the blazing love and excitement shared by all who attended more than made up for the lack of actual fireworks.

Photographer Andy Duback of Duback Photography beautifully captured this intimate moment of Grant and Nell kissing in the hayloft while guest roasted marshmallows.